My Personal Experience In Online Casino

Blackjack Heaven Casino

bankroll change: +$150

100% up to $50 sign up bonus.I played there in september .07. Back then the WR was much lower( 25x b+d).And they even had weekly $25 reload. I played BJ( what else), $1 a hand at first, but soon swiched to 2 x$1 hands.After 1st day of play i was $60 good.2nd day was even better as i went up over $300,and even played some slots. As i continued to win hand after hand ,i became more and more greedy.So eventually from 326$ i went donw to $250, and at that point i made withdrawal of $200. With remaining $50 i played next morning and after good start and some extra $10, i blew it all. After all, i made $150 profit , since $50 was my deposit.If i wasnt greedy, my score would have been much better, but all in all i was satisfied.But now im not sure this bonus is worth doing, 100x d+b is huge.

Casino Clubreview

bankroll change: +0

They offer great 100% up to €100 bonus.I deposited €80 using moneybookers,but i didnt get the bonus.So i sent couple of emails to customer support asking for explanation, but i got no answer!?This was very strange since they stand for reputable casino.

City Club Casinoreview

bankroll change: +$200

After you download casino and register , youll have to choose between various bonuses( when u log in youll see the pop up window with different bonuses to choose).So i chose card games bonus and then went to cashier and made $200 deposit.The $100 bonus was granted instantly.EV for this bonus is around $70.
I played this bonus like a sticky( not very smart thing to do,since the bonus is cashable),meaning 2x$10hands, and some $20 a hand.At 1 point i was down to $220, but from there it took me only up.At $300 i started playing $5 a hand ,and hour later i was $200 in plus.The withdrawal was pending for 4 days, and it took less then 24h to hit my moneybookers account.Note: if you are new to bonus hunting do not place big bets.

William Hillreview

bankroll change: +$10.50

This was my very first  casino.Back then they were offering 100% up to $100 bonus.I remember being so nervous while playing just $1 a hand.At the end i made only $ 10 but i was so happy.As soon as i met the WR i made withdrawal.It took less than 3 days for money to hit my credit card.