Poker Night in America. Sugar On Top

– [Voiceover] From Sugar House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this is Poker Night in America. (flashy music) – Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. As we close in on the final hours of a madcap cash game, our players start to do the math, – How much you got, there?

– [Hanson] and realize – [Player] $500 – [Hanson] that their chances of winning another big pot are slipping by with every hand. – There it is. Hot one of the rush. – [Hanson] Now, predictably, (player laughing and talking) their playing gets a lot more aggressive as the time winds down, and whether they scoop the pot or not, it is we, the viewers that will always win with that kind of action. So, let’s return one final time to our table of intrepid players here at Sugar House in Philadelphia and see who comes out with sugar on top. – Just so you don’t think I hit and ran, they’re making me leave.

– [Hanson] Day three continues, and the good news is, for the players at the table, Dan Shak has walked away. He had a $21,000 profit, and I guess that was good enough for him, but three new players now joining us at our table here in Sugar House. Blinds are 25 and 50, and there’s an optional $100 straddle if you’re under the gun. King jack for Esther Taylor-Brady. Alec Torelli is on the button, and he calls with kings, and Kyle Bowker will call with his sixes from the straddle. And a great call it was!

Set of sixes for Bowker. Taylor-Brady with your standard continuation bet. 550 is the amount.

It’s a raise from Torelli to 1,800. Bowker calls. Taylor-Brady gets out of the way. Bowker is first to act.

– [Hellmuth] What’re you doing? – [Hanson] He bets 2,200. – Gambling. – Why are your chips in a rack?

– I’m taking them out. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving, Phil. Relax. I know you get a little bit scared. – No, I just think it’s fair.

It’s just fair. I just want, like, a set of sixes when you have pocket queens, and I’ll really fire big. – [Schneider] You’ll get it all. I hope we do play a big pot, Phil.

I hope we do. – Me, too, under my conditions, this time. My terms. – [Hanson] Torelli calls as our first pot of the night is climbing up towards $10,000. 6,000, the bet. Over to Torelli.

– (sighs) Ay yai yai yai yai. – [Hanson] A call, and a big win for Kyle Bowker on his first hand on Poker Night in America. – [Holloway] Welcome to the table. – [Hanson] Turns a $100 straddle into that massive pot. Not bad. – Wow, that seat’s been so hot.

Did Dan Shak lose a pot in two days in that seat? – When you threw the 6,000, I was really hoping he was bluffing. – [Bowker] So, how dumb do you think I am? Just sit down and bluff it all off?

– You could have bluffed half of it off. – You know bank of Deeb is always open. – [Hanson] Taylor-Brady brings it up to 350. And now, back to Farah. He will call.

Farah hits his ace. Taylor-Brady with just the gutshot straight draw. A bet and a call as we head to the turn.

We have one check, and a check behind from Taylor-Brady. Here comes the river. Farah’s ace king is ahead. He’s been playing this hand very cautiously.

And a raise from Taylor-Brady. Just over 2,000. Yeah, I know it’s top pair, top kicker, but against a great player, you have to lay it down. And wow, what a play from Esther Taylor-Brady.

– Coming up, more of our invite-only from Sugar House on Poker Night in America. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Let’s get back to Sugar House for more poker action.

– If I just fire out in the turn, Rast is good enough where he could get away, but he might not get away. – Yeah, because he might be bluffing, you know? – Yeah, it’s always easy to look back on what could have happened, but a lot of things got you there that you didn’t look back on, you know, so, I know it’s not a lot of consolation, but. – [Hellmuth] I was doing a lot of drinking that night.

– [Torelli] Yeah, I don’t blame you. That’s a rough one to get second in, that’s for sure. – I think it’s like it’s one of the better ones to get second in. I know for him it’s still a million to second. – [Torelli] Oh, for him?

– [Deeb] Yeah. – [Torelli] In, like, the mixed game. – [Hellmuth] To win that one, – [Torelli] That one, that title, – Then they could never say anything about me again, ever.

I felt like. – Yeah, that’s a cool one to win. You know, as a mixed, as an all-around poker player, that’s like, a meaningful one. – Check, check. – Seven. – Seven.

– [Hanson] Hellmuth bets 700. Farah calls the 700. Here comes the turn. Nine.

– How much to bluff? Like, four? – Right around there. – [Hanson] After asking how much Farah had in front of him, Hellmuth bets 1,600. – All in.

– [Hanson] And this is going to be music to Phil Hellmuth’s ears. He can’t get the money in fast enough. – [VOICE] This is gonna end in a set or something.

(mumbling) – [Hanson] Farah gets his jacks in bad and he will not survive on the river. – I’ll pass. – [Hanson] Phil Hellmuth will absorb the chip stack, and it looks like Moe Farah – How did I have the fourth best hand pre-flop. – [Hanson] is walking away, so we’re gonna have a seat open. (players talking among themselves) – [Deeb] Yeah, that’s brutal. – You’re in fourth place.

– I just have no equity if it’s ace, kings, queens, and jacks. – No. – [Holloway] One of my favorite Phil moments, Phil, you’ll obviously remember this, when you won the World Series of Poker Europe, you had the party afterwards, and it finished, like, at three in the morning, so it was a bunch of people over at the club, and then, – [Hellmuth] By the way, that party finished at 5:45 in the morning. – [Holloway] And at some point, there, at around four in the morning, I remember everyone was having fun in the booth, and then, all the suddenly, the Germans and, I think, the Russians got in a big fistfight brawl.

We all bailed out of the booth while security rushed in. I don’t know what it was about, but it was pretty brutal. – Yeah, there was a big brawl. Somebody got hurt. – There was some guy who got, I was sitting there, he got punched right in the face just like in a movie, went straight back, arms sprawled out, landed on the table, and then the glasses just broke. – The glasses shot everywhere, and all we did, I remember, you guys all ran out of the way, and I was feeling maybe bulletproof, so I just calmly put my legs over the rail.

– I hate to say it, but it’s true. He did. That’s exactly what he did. – They all scattered, and I just calmly just, real slowly.

– Just, “I’m walking away. “I’m okay.” – I didn’t walk away. I just, you see, – [Alec] Of like, dine in the club. – There’s a rail, here. I just went like this, stood up, and just watched whatever ensued.

Watched the security came in. Hell, I’d just won the main event. – Yeah, you’re like, “Whatever.” – [Hellmuth] Whatever. – [Torelli] It’s not your fight. – But you didn’t tell the whole story.

Then, I told everybody who was with me at five in the morning I was gonna buy them all multiple pairs of shoes. – It’s true, because I remember when I was leaving the hotel in the morning, – [Hellmuth] That three or four people, three or four people came, yeah, and I bought everybody who was with me multiple pairs of shoes. – That’s awesome. – [Hellmuth] ‘Cause I was leaving – [Torelli] What’s open at – [Hellmuth] the hotel – [Torelli] five o’clock – [Hellmuth] in the morning. – [Torelli] in the morning?

– Well, literally, the party didn’t finish ’til 5:45. I didn’t win it until four in the morning. – Oh, okay. – It took us a long time to get paid. I got over there at 4:30. We left at 6:30.

There was a shoe store open at 6:45. – [Holloway] I wish I would have known. I would have got a new pair of kicks. – [Torelli] That’s the cool thing.

You know, you’re always gonna remember that. Like, I would get some crazy pair, you know? – You could have.

I was happy to buy everybody, I just won. – I don’t mean expensive, I just mean, like, bright, or like, something that’s like, “Hey, where’d you get those?” – I’d just won a million Euros. I was like, “Whatever you guys want,” you know? – [Hanson] He’s Phil Hellmuth, the shoe fairy.

Shaun Deeb has turned seven deuce into trip deuces, and he’s got Tom Schneider on the hook. – I played six days to win that, no sleep, and I went to the airport, and I went right to Eva Longoria’s tournament to MC in San Antonio. Was there one night, and then I went right to MC– – [Schneider] You always have the best hand, Shaun. – So, I went right from Eva’s event to Clinton’s event, and then, about midweek, I was in Chicago.

So, I went from city to city to city and I almost collapsed. Like, I almost had a nervous breakdown. Is that weird to say? I mean, I don’t sleep, and then Monte Carlo.

I go to MC Eva’s event. That means I have to mic all night. – All right, I call. – You got it. – [Hanson] And a call from Schneider.

And, oh yeah, here it comes. Here it comes. It’s the Deeb slow roll. (players chatting) There it is. – [Holloway] And I knew what it was.

It was a registration slip, and I picked it up, just to see what it was, and it was yours. – [Hanson] And I don’t think Tom Schneider is liking the Shaun Deeb slow roll as much as I am, right now. It’s not as much fun to slow roll if you don’t get the reaction out of the person, and Tom Schneider’s just not gonna give him the satisfaction. Hellmuth raises to 350, and he gets a call from Tom Schneider, and that will be it. – [Hellmuth] I may have to continue check-raising on the flop.

– [Schneider] I think you probably should. – All right, I’ll check. Check. – [Hanson] Hellmuth checks blind and hits a set of tens. Schneider also hit the ten.

Schneider bets 500. – Seems easy enough to raise. – [Hanson] Hellmuth raises to 1,000. Schneider calls. – [Schneider] That one scared me. – [Hanson] Another check from Phil.

Safe to say it’s not been the best last three-and-a-half minutes for Tom Schneider, but he seems undeterred as he bets 1,500. – [Hellmuth] Oh, there’s so many hands you could have, here. – [Hanson] And a call.

There is a three of spades. – Top set. – [Hanson] Check check, and the money’s going to Phil Hellmuth. – God, I thought that might be the one. I got the min raise in, just like last hand.

I had it, just like last hand. – [Voiceover] Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. – [Taylor-Brady] Hey, buddy, how are you? – [Mermelstein] It’s like a reunion over here.

– [Hanson] New player coming in in seat eight. Aaron Mermelstein sat down with 10,000. Already $2,500 down, as we get back to the action at Sugar House. – [Hellmuth] Mike Phelps just asked what my odds were. That’s a bad sign. What are the odds?

(laughing) He said, “What odds are you getting?” – “Are you getting,” that’s what he asked? Oh, man. – 300. – [Dealer] 300.

– [Torelli] Hey, I have, I have 2,500. – [Deeb] You’re like, “I wanna get name-dropped, too.” – [Torelli] No, I don’t wanna bet against the legend. And now I’ve gotta watch.

I probably shouldn’t have done that, ’cause now I’ve gotta watch the damn… – [Hellmuth] Wow, this is annoying. – Trust me, Phil will be tweetin’ about it. – If I would have known this was gonna, I would have just limped in. – [Bowker] Didn’t you have a feeling when Tom called that it was gonna be kind of like this? – [Hanson] It seems Phil Hellmuth is annoyed at the amount of callers.

He gets one more in Alec Torelli. – [Hellmuth] This bet, – [Taylor-Brady] I want – [Hellmuth] hold on, Eli, I – [Taylor-Brady] a piece – [Hellmuth] just want to say this. – [Taylor-Brady] of somebody’s hand. – This bet was designed for him. I bet 300. He’s the only one who’s gonna call me.

Everybody else is gonna fold. That’s what I was thinking. – The fact that you ever thought that that was gonna – [Hellmuth] Designed.

– be the scenario. – Designed, with a 6X raise under the gun. – [Bowker] It’s literally impossible. – [Taylor-Brady] I want a piece of somebody’s hand, I just don’t know who.

– [Bowker] It’s also impossible that six people put in 300, and one of them’s not Shaun. (laughing) – I just never have anything. – [Hanson] Well, after all that, Hellmuth and his tens are ahead, right now.

– [Hellmuth] I’m gonna bet out. 900. – [Taylor-Brady] This is not what you promised me.

– I’m worried about you having a nine, Alec. Everybody else, I can handle. – [Hanson] And one by one, the players are folding, and all that’s left is Alec Torelli. – Please fold, Alec.

Please fold. – [Hanson] The only reason Alec Torelli might call is because he’s gonna set up some sort of play against Phil. – Gosh darn it all. 900, 900. – Worried about the right guy. – It was 900.

– It was right, it was right, go ahead. – Was I right? – [Akimov] Yes, it was right.

You were right. – [Alec] Yes, it was right. Four black chips. – Check.

– Let’s go. – [Hanson] They both check. Here’s the river. – Check.

– [Hanson] Torelli’s first, and he gives up. – Such a sick prank. – [Hanson] Or does he? 1,500, the bet from Phil. – I’m so done. Nice hand.

– You made sevens and just folded? Don’t do that! Give it to Shaun, so he can call. – I look like such an idiot. – I know, I was thinking you, seven eight suited? – No.

(whooshing) – [Hanson] Nines for Shaun Deeb. Oddly enough, that is not Tom Shneider’s lucky jacket. You would think it would be, but it’s not.

Now, that’s a serious raise. It’s 1,100 from Bowker. Back to Deeb. Deeb’ll ship it in, he will. Right now.

Shaun will just call. And here comes Tom Schneider. He’s gonna get involved. We’ve got almost 3,500 in the middle going to the flop.

Shneider hit his jack. Bowker’s open-ended. Schneider bets 1,500.

Raise to 3,500. Deeb folds, so now, we’re back to Schneider. – [Hellmuth] Did Deeb tell you what he thought true odds were? – [Torelli] Uh, no, you should ask him. It’s so interesting when it comes from. – I said, “Told them they could lose soon.”

He said, “Ha ha.” (players talking over each other) – [Hellmuth] No, I said that. – [Deeb] Oh, okay. – [Hellmuth] He just said, “Ha ha.” – I’m nervous that it’s coming from him.

He said that, “They could lose, soon.” It’s like, “Oh (bleep).” – It’s like, is that top four, or like, I feel like he’s gonna train to peak himself for the Olympics. Like, he’s not, I don’t think he’s, I think he’s less likely to have one– – [Torelli] Yeah, why’s he gonna try and break a world record now, when it’s like– – [Deeb] Impossible. – [Torelli] Right?

Isn’t there something to be said about your body needing to peak at a certain time? You can’t peak at multiple times. – Yeah. – Yeah, so, like, four months before you’re safe. You’re safe until the Olympics, right? – That’s the sick thing.

If he breaks, – [Schneider] I’m all in. – [Hanson] Shneids is all in. – What if he breaks a world record tomorrow, and I don’t get credit for it? (players talking with each other) Even if he just, we take his word. – Oh, if it’s any time after today.

– [Hanson] So, we’re playing for a $14,000 pot. – [Hellmuth] That’s Tom Schneider. – [Hanson] Rick brick for Bowker and Tom Schneider. (player mumbling) – [Hanson] will win a massive pot. (players talking among themselves) – And then, the nine came, and I was like, “Oh, god, I can’t bluff.”

– Yeah, I knew he was talking into bluffing. I was like, “This is gonna work out real badly.” (players talking among themselves) – [Hanson] You can tell we’re getting to the end of the night, because of the starting hands of some of the players. Looking at their, maybe, last opportunity to scoop a pot before the end of the night. – [Deeb] I always give people a chance to get a sign. – [Schneider] What happened here, everybody just call, Phil raise?

– I raised. I really kinda wanted you again, but – [Schneider] Of course, you do. – [Hellmuth] everybody in there. [Schneider] I don’t blame you. – [Hellmuth] It’s a love affair. We could write a book.

It’s a love affair. – Yeah, at the thought of it, never mind. – Chad scares me with the glasses.

– 600. – [Hanson] Hellmuth bets 600, gets a call from Schneider. – Here we go. – [Hellmuth] Good luck to all– – [Taylor-Brady] Played great, [Taylor-Brady] today, Shaun. – [Hellmuth] Good luck to all the players. – What’d you have on the ten high board?

Check, raise, Tom, man. – [Hanson] We’ve got one check from Phil, and another one from Schneider. River’s a king. – You had aces? What? – [Deeb] Jacks, the same thing as aces in a check-raise.

– [Hanson] And Phil will bet 300. – [Taylor-Brady] Yeah, I would be surprised if you flatted my under the gun open with aces. – I would have flatted one of them with ace king. – I called you with two kings. Lost a lot of money.

– [Hanson] Schneider raises to 800. – No, I said I flatted you with a big hand, once. Lost a lot of money. – [Hanson] And a call, and once again, Tom Schneider feels more chips slipping to the way of Phil Hellmuth. – [Hellmuth] Four hearts on board, what are we doing? (players talking among themselves) – Man, it has been Phil Hellmuth dominating the last part of the night.

Coming up after the break, we will survey the damage. – Now, that’s, Shaun, Shaun, that’s poker, right there, okay? Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online. – [Voiceover] Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America.

Here’s our updated chip counts. Your final chip counts from Day Three at Sugar House, unfortunately, Alec Torelli, 15,600 on the bad, but on the good side of things, it’s been a pretty good trip to Philadelphia for Dan Shak. He is up $21,000, and Phil Hellmuth will end his Day Three here at Sugar House with a $19,000 profit. For more from Poker Night, visit our new website at, or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, where you can see complete episodes and unedited livestreams. Also, be sure to check out our online store for all of your Poker Night merchandise.

For everyone here at Poker Night in America, I’m Chris Hanson. Poker Night is brought to you by 888poker, where the world plays online. – [Taylor-Brady] Oh, well, yeah, you definitely trapped me. – I fired out under the river with four hearts. – [Taylor-Brady] Yeah, you definitely played it perfectly.

– Come on, let me finish my speech! – [Taylor-Brady] No, I mean, no, I mean. – Come on, you guys, let me finish my speech, here. – He’s got a speech. Hey, let me finish my speech.